Welcome to a world of play, fun and learning! Let me show you around.


I’m Bob, Hamster Bob… I’m drinking a carrot smoothie – shaken, not stirred.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a hamster with a big tummy and a huge sense of humour, or maybe it’s the other way round, anyway, does it really matter now? My passion is colouring. I hope that’s something we share! What is more, or maybe more important, I love children, and as far as I know, this feeling is fully mutual.

When your little rascals were still calmly travelling in a basket carried by a stork or were merrily jumping out of the cabbage, I was being born under the watchful eye of graphic designers and programmers. It’s not for me to say if they did it well, you don’t choose your parents after all 🙂

I invite you to my world full of colours, fun and interesting information. Get to know my friends and their adventures. We will learn about daily activities and visit other galaxies far away. Sounds interesting? Right? Then let’s start!

Install the game and let’s play together.

High five Bob


I could keep talking about how wonderful this game is for hours on end but admit it to yourself, how many times have you decided to watch a film without even checking out its trailer? Exactly. Then also in this case, there’s no reason for you to buy a pig in a poke (gee, the mere thought of a pig gives me the shivers!).

See how the game looks. Go ahead, click and see you soon!


At first they may seem a little bit shy and nervous, and this is why they did not say very much about themselves, but I assure you that they break the ice very quickly and then they enjoy playing and romping together 😉


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At Wild Berry Games, we believe all the time that a well-designed game can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, helping them to learn about the world.

When we were creating it, we constantly thought about children’s perspective, safety and responsibility. All of it to help them discover the world on their own, gain knowledge and develop manual dexterity.


Do you want to ask us a question, or tell us that something does not work in the app and needs fixing? Or perhaps just say hello to us or give us praise (Bob is eager to get both compliments and carrots)? Feel free to write, we like talking to and getting to know new people.